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Car dealership and consignment

CULTCARS offer it´s own inventory of classic and sportscars. To widen our inventory we offer consignment and take care of selling your classic or sportscar. With our huge network to Europe we can even find international buyers and offer them the fullservice solution with the whole shipping process and custom Service.

CULTCARS widens it´s inventory permanently to offer you new deals. Even if your dream car is not in our inventory let us know what you are looking for – we are sure we can find your favourite car!

Concierge service

You are looking for someone who manages your single classic car or your whole collection? CULTCARS takes care of everything concerning your cars. We take care about frequently servicing, taking your cars to the shop or car shows. You are looking for new collectibles or want to sell yours without beeing involved in the whole process? We take care of everything, so you can focus on enjoying your rides. Whatever you Need around your car – CULTCARS takes care of it.

Restoration & Service

With over 12 years in restoring and repairing classic cars, CULTCARS will provide you with the highest services quality. Explore our services or let us plan the best actions for your classic vehicle. Whatever you decide, we want to help your driving dreams come true.

Custom build cars

CULTCARS wants to help you seperate from other classic cars, so we build cars with our own design and try to bring our individual ideas into classic cars. CULTCARS can help you bulld your own car, no matter if original style, mild restomod or totally custom build.

Inspection & Scouting

You need help finding your favourite classic car or need access to hidden treasures. We help you finding your dream car.

Or did you already find your favourite and need someone to take care of the whole buying process? We take the first look for you, make a inspection and send you more than hundred detailed Pictures and tell us our opinion and give you our neutral suggestion. Furthermore we take care of the price negotiation on-site and can help you with the paying and shipping process.

Shipping & handling

You found your perfect car and need someone to close the deal and take care of bringing the car to your home all over the world? No matter if US, Europ, Australia, etc. With our Partners you get your car right in front of your door. Additionally we offer with our partner company in Germany the whole inspection (TÜV/H-Kennzeichen), so you don´t need to take care of anything.

We offer this service around the US and can even offer you this service with our partner company in Germany/Europe.


  • 12 years of experience in classic car business
  • huge Network on buyer and seller side
  • Partner companies in Germany and Europe
  • huge partner network for the whole buying process
  • worldwide shipping

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